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*Type II 3 PLY FACE COVERINGBox of 50 individual or 5x10 packs face covering: £8.00 with FREE UK DeliveryHELP THE NHS: 10% OF ALL SOLD GOES TO THE NHS* OUTER LAYERS: Spun bond non-woven 25 GSM fabric (PP)* INNER LAYER: Melt blown 30 GSM polypropylene micro filter BFE > 98* ALL ARE INDIVIDUALLY SE..
Freedom to smile, drink and smoke while wearing, an it will not make you feel mouth discomfort.Safely, comfortably over your upper teeth, smile more charming.These teeth do not fit with adhesives, thus your teeth will be more beautiful and natural.Safe cosmetic tooth cover and no dental visit necess..
Supports Proper Posture and Relieves Back Pain.Strong breathable fabric makes it more comfortable to wear without stuffiness feeling Can be directly worn under clothing.Supporting design helps correct poor posture, pulls shoulder back to correct posture.Provides gentle back support, prevention of ad..
Easy to use energy saving:One-button measurement, simple and convenient operation; automatic power saving mode for 15 seconds without switching on.Change of setting:You can change the setting parameters to adapt them to the medical temperature measurement system in different countries (for people wi..
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