Agreements and Rules

Contracts is a platform where buyers and sellers can trade electronically. All commercial rules and laws in effect on this platform are valid.

Activities and trading on are determined by contracts and rules.

In this chapter;

You can read the "Membership Agreement" that regulates the relations between users and,

Review rules and policies,

You can also see the "Banned Products List", which is prohibited for sale on

The Trust Stamp only indicates the existence of the criteria for compliance with the legislation, which are reviewed, monitored and controlled by the Trust Stamp Provider in accordance with the relevant Communiqué. Apart from this, the Trust Stamp Provider cannot be understood as the guarantor or the contractor of the contract between the parties, nor is it a guarantor for the defect-free qualifications and complete supply and delivery of the goods or services on the E-commerce site. In addition, the Trust Stamp Provider cannot be held liable under any circumstances for the goods not delivered, delivered late or not delivered in accordance with the promised qualifications.