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Shore Rich Privacy Policy

This is the Shore Rich Privacy Policy which applies to the collection, use and disclosure of the information in connection with the products and services offered by the Company.

We, is the privacy and confidentiality of personal information in Shore Rich ("we"). ("Platform") is a B2B platform that connects and facilitates product and/or service sales and purchases between suppliers (or "Sellers") and buyers (or "Buyers"). The platform is for business-to-business transactions and is therefore made available only to businesses, not for individual or personal use.

This Privacy Policy determines the .com shorerich's ("we"). This Privacy Policy also applies to the use of our Platform through a mobile device through mobile apps or websites optimized for mobile devices. For personal information we collect when you use or interact with other services, please refer to the Privacy Policy applicable to these services. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of your personal information, please contact us using the contact details provided in the "HOW TO CONTACT US" section under this Privacy Policy. All capitalization terms not defined in this document mean the meanings attributed to them in the Platform Terms of Use that may be found herein.


The personal information we may collect about you is generally divided into the following categories:

Information you provide to us.

If you are a representative or employee of any Buyer or Seller or single trader Buyer or Vendor:

· You will be asked to provide specific contact information required to register for a Platform account on behalf of a Buyer or Vendor, including name, address, phone number, email address, job title, and department.

· You will be asked to provide certain credentials, tax registration and/or relevant information about your business, such as your company name, business type and industry, corporate registration information and information about your business license.

· If you are a seller, we will also ask you to provide details about the goods and products you intend to sell through the Platform and details about your sales/transactions at

· If you are a buyer, we will also ask you to provide details or preferences about goods and products that you may want to purchase through the Platform, and details or preferences about your purchases.

· if you have been successfully approved by as a blogger or influencer, in addition to the information mentioned above, we may also collect your live streaming videos, social media account names and profile photos, and posts or comments made by others. Platform users.

· In connection with the facilitation of transactions, purchases and payments through the platform, you will be asked to provide certain payment information. This may include bank account numbers, invoice and delivery information, credit/debit card numbers, expiration dates and security code, and tracking information received from checks or bank remnants to facilitate the sale and purchase of products or services and payment of the purchase price. Traded or purchased through the platform.

· We will process all information provided to us to support complaints in connection with disputes or in connection with goods and/or services purchased through the Platform or Platform. Please note that Buyers and/or Sellers may send complaints about products and services on the Platform and/or disputes between Buyers and Sellers to the Platform and in such cases, we will process data provided to us by Buyers and/or Sellers. Disputes or complaints presented.

· The information you submit to the Platform for publicising may be made public on the Platform and therefore accessible to any internet user. You should be careful when deciding what information to send us for publicise.

· To facilitate your use of the services available on the platform (including websites and/or mobile apps), you may request and provide us with access to content stored on your devices, including but not limited to contacts, in the address book, photos, videos and/or other files. If you use our communication tools on the platform (especially in case of voice communication), we can request access to your camera and/or microphone and make audio recordings.

Information we collect automatically:

·       If you contact us (through our customer service department chat service, telephone or email), we may save a copy of your correspondence and request additional information to verify your identity.

·       We will collect users' contact information and other information from publicly available sources to verify users and perform due diligence on users.

·       We will collect details of user activities, transactions and interactions on the Platform, including information about the types and characteristics of the products and services purchased, pricing and delivery information, dispute and complaint records, communications between users, and information disclosed in any discussion. Forum.

·       From time to time we may collect information about existing and possible users during or in connection with trade shows, industry events and/or other functions. Including delegate contact names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses.

·       If you visit our platform, we will automatically collect certain information from your device. In some countries, including countries in the European Economic Area, this information may be considered personal information under applicable data protection laws. In particular, this information may include IP addresses, device type, unique device identification numbers, browser type, geographic location, browse models, and details about how you interact with our Platform and the products and services on it. We also collect statistical information about Platform and Platform visitors, including browser software, operating system, software and hardware features, pages displayed, number of sessions, and unique visitors. The collection of this information gives us a better understanding of visitors to our Platform, where they come from and what content concerns them. We use this information for our internal analysis purposes and to improve the quality and relevance of our Platform. Some of this information may be collected using cookies and similar tracking technology, as described in more detail in the section.

Information we receive from third parties:

· If you choose to sign up for a Platform account through a social media account, we may receive personal information about you from social media platforms. Exactly what information we receive will depend on your privacy settings on the current platform, but will usually include basic public profile information such as:

o Your username or nickname o Your profile picture

o Country o Company name o Contact information

We may obtain personal information about you from third parties assigned by us to help provide verification services and conduct appropriate money laundering and KYC (know your customer) checks on users and improve our marketing efforts. This may include your name, email address, company details and contact information for company representatives.

· participate in the review or valuation of products and/or services in the U.K., we may obtain personal information about you from third parties who work with us to conduct reviews of our services and/or evaluate us.


We collect and use your personal information for the following purposes:

· Verify your identity and conduct security, KYC (know your customer), and anti-money laundering review and background checks to create user accounts.

· Confirming your suitability to register as a Platform user in accordance with our Terms of Use.

· Setting up/managing user accounts, including providing sign-in IDs and developing a Platform profile.

· Provide customer service support to users; respond to questions, feedback, and manage claims and/or disputes.

· Facilitate communication between Buyers and Sellers through the Platform, ensure transactions and reconciliation between Buyers and Sellers through the Platform, evaluate requests to withdraw funds from Vendors.

· Provide logistics and storage services (including but not limited to customs clearance statements through the Platform).

· Facilitation of customs clearance declarations/applications through the platform.

· and monitor account security and transaction risks of users, detect and prevent fraud, money laundering and other security incidents.

· Send and deliver exclusive marketing and advertising that we believe will interest you depending on how you use the platform, your browse records, and your order history.

· conduct research or statistical analysis to improve the content and layout of the platform and improve product offerings and services at, for example, to use anonymized data for improvements and appropriate products.

· Identifying, developing and marketing and advertising products and services that we believe you will value, including browsers and devices, in accordance with applicable law. Cookies or other similar technologies can be used to provide you with ads based on your browsing activities and interests. Where required by applicable law, we will ask for your consent before sending you communications for marketing purposes.

· If you are a Buyer, we will share details of the products last displayed on the Platform to ensure that Sellers, their affiliates and/or third-party service providers contact you with details of products and/or services that may be of interest to you.

· When you use services that require access to content and/or functions stored on your devices (including but not limited to people in the address book, photos, videos, microphone and/or camera), we use your photos, videos, contact information to respond to your requests in your address book and other personal information, provide you with the requested services and improve our services.

We may also use your personal information for other purposes that are not appropriate for the purposes we disclose to you (such as archiving purposes in the public interest, scientific or historical research purposes, or statistical purposes), if applicable to this is permitted. data protection laws.


We may disclose (or access) personal information to the following categories of recipients:

· Other Platform Users as needed in connection with the facilitation of purchases and communications between you and other users.

· Collect your personal information from's third-party business partners, service providers and/or affiliates working with us or processing personal information for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy or for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. Categories of these partners or service providers include:

o members and their affiliates and/or designated service providers working with us to provide processing services such as software, tools, systems and messaging services for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

o partners (for example, so that they can offer discounts or offers that may be of interest to you).

o Providers of marketing and advertising platforms such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and analytics services related to users' behaviour to tailor the content you see when visiting our Platform. To do targeted advertising, these platforms may combine the information they collect on our Platform with data on their platforms and data they collect from other websites or other sources. The processing activities of these third-party marketing platforms are subject to their own privacy policies, not this Privacy Policy.

o Payment service providers that collect and process personal information to help make payments for transactions or process withdrawal requests for Vendors. The activities of payment service providers may be managed according to their privacy policies, not this Privacy Policy.

o Credit risk assessment providers conduct a risk assessment on Sellers to determine whether a Vendor's withdrawal of funds is permitted.

o Logistics partners to provide delivery services for Buyers, including return and exchange of products and storage services for Sellers.

customs agencies for customs procedures.

cloud computing service providers to provide cloud storage services.

customer service providers who will provide after-sales services.

risk control service providers to assess the security of users' accounts and transaction risks; And

if to review or rate their products and/or services, we will use our service providers to conduct reviews of our services with our customers in a third-party rating/review.

· We may also disclose and transfer your personal information or as required or permitted by applicable law to our professional consultants, law enforcement agencies, insurers, government and regulatory enforcement and other entities, where we believe it is necessary to comply with applicable laws or to use, establish or defend our legal rights, or to protect the vital interests of you or any other person.

· In this Privacy Policy, if we notify a real or potential buyer (and its agents and consultants) in connection with any actual or proposed acquisition, merger or acquisition of any part of our business, the buyer must use your personal information only for the purposes described.

· Any other person you consent to explain.

We may provide bulk or anonymized data to third parties, but when we do, the information we share is in an identity-free format that does not personally identify you.


We store your personal information, for example, as long as we need a legitimate ongoing business to provide you with services or products, or to the extent required or permitted by applicable law, such as tax and accounting laws.

When we do not need a legitimate business that continues to process your personal information, we will either delete or anonymize them, or if this is not possible (for example, because your personal information is stored in backup archives), then we will store it securely. isolate personal information and any other transactions until deletion is possible. 


This section describes how we use cookies and similar technologies (we will collectively refer to them as "cookies") to recognize you when you visit our Platform. It explains what these technologies are and why we use them and your rights to control them. 

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small amount of data sent to your browser and stored on the hard drive of your computer or mobile device. If you do not disable or delete the cookie, every time you use the same browser or mobile device to access the Platform, our web servers will be informed about your visit to the Platform and therefore we may know about your visit and the way you use it. 

Cookies set by the website or application owner ( in this case) are called "first-party cookies." Cookies set by parties other than the website owner are called "third-party cookies." Third-party cookies ensure that third-party features or functions are provided on or through the website (e.g advertising, interactive content, and analytics). Parties who set these third-party cookies may recognize your device both when it visits that website and when it visits certain other websites.

Cookies can also be categorized as session cookies (deleted when you close the browser or turn off the device) and persistent cookies (which remain even after you close the browser or device/app and are enabled every time you visit). Platform). Session cookies use encrypted data to verify your identity. Persistent cookies do not store account numbers or passwords. We use both session cookies and persistent cookies. 

Why are we using cookies?

We use first- and third-party cookies for a variety of reasons. Some cookies are required for technical and/or security reasons for the operation of our platform, and we call them "basic" or "absolutely necessary" cookies. First-party cookies are offered mainly to enable basic functions on our Platform; Including web analytics cookies that help us understand how users use our web pages and how we can improve their use. For example, or strictly necessary cookies to allow us to remember products added to your shopping cart and recognize you when you sign in to your account.

We also use social media cookies. You can sign up for a Platform membership and "share" Platform content via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes we place videos from websites like YouTube. These websites have their own privacy policies governing their use of information, which you can find on the relevant websites.

We also use cookies to allow us to track and target the interests of Platform visitors to improve the experience on our Platform by researching visiting patterns and conducting interest-based advertising; To help our partners monitor user visits to the Platforms; and track progress and participation in promotions. We use first- and third-party cookies for these purposes.

What about other tracking technologies, such as Web markers?

Cookies are not the only way to recognize or track visitors to our Platform. From time to time we can use other similar technologies such as web markers (sometimes called "tracking pixels" or "clear gifs"). These are small graphics files with a unique identifier that allows us to notice when someone visits our Platform or opens an email, we send to them. This allows us, for example, to track, provide or communicate with users' traffic patterns from one page on our Platform to another, to understand if you have come to our Platform from an online advertisement displayed on a third-party website. improve site performance and measure the success of email marketing campaigns. In most cases, it relies on cookies to make these technologies work properly,

How do I check cookies?

You can determine whether and how a cookie is accepted by configuring the privacy setting of the browser you use to access the platform or the "privacy setting" of your device. You should visit your browser's help menu for more information, as the ways in which you can reject cookies through your web browser controls vary from browser to browser. If you change the privacy setting in the browser, your device will continue to collect data unless you change your device's privacy setting, and vice versa.

You have the right to decide whether to accept cookies. If you choose to set up your web browser's controls to reject cookies, you can continue to use our website even if your access to some functions and areas of our website is restricted.

In addition, most ad networks offer you a way to disable targeted advertising. If you would like to know more, please or or contact us. Alternatively, you can follow the relevant links to the relevant third-party personalization cookie provided in the table above for details on how to stop using certain advertising or personalization cookies.

Certain features of the platform depend on cookies. Please note that if you choose to block cookies, you may not be able to sign in or use these features, and preferences linked to cookies may be lost.

Our Google Analytics (More information) Platform uses Google Analytics, an internet analytics service provided by Google, Inc. ("Google"). Google's cookies allow us to analyse the use of the Platform by informing us which pages our users view, which are most popular, at what time of day our Platform is visited, if users have visited our Platform before, from which website users have been redirected to us. Platform and so on. Data generated by The Cookie regarding your use of the Platform will be transmitted to Google and stored by Google on servers in the United States.

The platform uses a tool to anonymize IP addresses to be cut off within the borders of European Union Member States and other members of the European Economic Area agreement. The uncut IP address is only exceptionally transmitted to Google's servers in the U.S. and trunked there.

Google uses data on behalf of to evaluate your use of the Platform, compile reports on website activities and other website activities and internet usage services for website operators. Google may disclose this information to third parties for further business by third parties under the provisions of the law or on behalf of Google. For more information about Google Analytics cookies, visit:

o Google Help pages and Privacy Policy: Google Privacy Policy:'; And

o Google Analytics Help Centre:

The IP address your browser will forward to Google Analytics will not be associated with other data stored by Google. You can block cookies through your browser settings; however, this can lead to problems with the use of some functions of the website. You can disable the use of Google Analytics through your existing web browser through the "Opt-Out of Google Analytics" add-on as of More information can be found here:


The Sites and their content do not target minors (those under the age of 18) and we do not intend to sell any of our products or services to minors. 


We use commercially reasonable security methods to prevent unauthorized access to sites, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of the information we hold.

For registered users of sites, some of your information may be viewed and edited through your password-protected account. We advise you not to explain your password to anyone. Our staff will never ask you for your password with an unsolicited phone call or unsolicited email. If you share a computer with others, you should not choose to save your login information (for example, user ID and password) to that shared computer. When you have finished, do not forget to log out of your account and close your browser window.

Data transfer over the Internet or any wireless network cannot be guaranteed to be completely secure. As a result, we cannot guarantee the security of any information you provide to us while we try to protect the information, we hold for you, and you do so at your own responsibility.


We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time in response to changing legal, technical, or business developments. When we update our Privacy Policy, we will take appropriate measures to inform you consistent with the importance of the changes we make. If applicable data protection laws require it, we will obtain your consent for any significant Privacy Policy changes.

Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be noted by us by posting a modified Privacy Policy on the Platform. After it is published on the platform, the new Privacy Policy will take effect immediately. You can see when this Privacy Notice was last updated by checking the "last updated" date displayed at the top of this Privacy Statement. 


This section of the Privacy Policy applies only if you use our Platform or services under this Privacy Policy from a country that is a Member State of the European Union and as of and from the date the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. The United Kingdom (" EEA ") and this completes the information in the Privacy Policy. 

Legal basis for data processing

We process personal information for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy as described above. Our legal basis for processing personal information will depend on the relevant personal information and the special context in which we collect it. However, normally we will only collect and process personal information about you if:

·      Necessary to comply with legal requirements (for example, to comply with applicable accounting rules and to make mandatory statements to law enforcement).

·       Necessary for our legitimate interests and not overridden by your rights; and/or

·       Where he is, according to your consent.

If we collect and use your personal information based on our legitimate interests (or the interests of any third party), this interest would normally be to operate our Platform and services, manage our relationship with you, and communicate with you as necessary to provide our services. for your own and legitimate business interests, for example, for the purpose of responding to your questions, improving our Platform and services, marketing, or securing our Platform and services, and detecting or preventing illegal activities such as fraud. We may have other legitimate interests and, if appropriate, we will explain to you at the relevant time what these legitimate interests are.

If we ask you to provide personal information to comply with a legal requirement or to make a contract with you, we will clarify this at the relevant time. We will let you know if the provision of your personal information is mandatory (as well as possible consequences if you do not provide your personal information). In some cases, you may need to provide us with your personal information so that we can provide you with all our services and use all features of our Platform, as described above.

If you have questions about the legal basis on which we collect and use your personal information, or if you need more information, please contact us using the contact details provided in the "HOW TO CONTACT US" section below.

International transfer of personal information

In connection with our provision of platform and connected services, we may transfer your personal information to countries outside the AEA, including countries that do not provide the same level of data protection as your home country, such as the United States and China. We take appropriate steps to ensure that recipients of your personal information are subject to a privacy obligation, and we take appropriate measures to ensure that your personal information is protected under this Privacy Policy, such as standard contract provisions. 

Your rights

If you are a resident of the EEA, you also have the following data protection rights, which you can use by contacting us at any time using the contact details provided under section J below.  "HOW TO CONTACT US".

· The right to access, correct, update or delete your personal information. 

·       The right to the processing object is based on our legitimate interests, personal information and individual rights directly to the marketing object.

·       In some cases, we have the right to restrict the processing of your personal information or to request the portability of your personal information.

·       The right to opt out of the marketing communications we send you at any time. You can use this right by clicking on the "unsubscrim" or "unsubscrim" link in the marketing emails we send you. To opt out of other forms of marketing (such as marketing by mail or telemarketing), please contact us using the contact details provided in the "HOW TO CONTACT US" section below.