Those who want to keep the pulse of sports at home in style are here!

There are really only two ways to lose the weight brought on by the pandemic: Eat a serious diet or start exercising at home. Although quarantine restrictions are over across the country, it is intimidating for all of us to go back to the gyms. As a result, it's safer to exercise at home than to go to a gym or yoga studio, even when they're on the job.

If you're used to going to a studio for HIIT or yoga workouts, it's not easy to switch to a home workout routine. It takes roomy space and a lot of motivation to stick to a home workout plan. But there is another thing that should not be forgotten that is the clothes you wear and the equipment you use while doing sports.

From Pilates socks to yoga tights, we have compiled for you the choices that you will not be left behind while doing sports at home.