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How much service fee is taken from the buyer and seller in SeT transactions?

No fee is charged from the buyers, except for the product price.


At the end of the completed transactions, Secure E-Commerce service fee is deducted from the sellers.


When the product sales process is completed successfully, the service fee is cut and the remaining amount is transferred to the account of our member who made the sale after confirming that the member who bought the product received the cargo.

Why Should I Use the Secure Shopping Platform?

Your money is secured in the purchases you make with the Secure E-Commerce (SeT) system. You can follow the shipping information of the product you have purchased, you can review the product you have received and return your money if it is not in the features you want. Since the seller is not paid before receiving the product and giving approval, you do not risk the money not being returned.

If there is no return after the product has been shipped in the sales you make with the secure e-commerce system, your money will be deposited into your account after the cargo reaches the buyer and you will not take risks.

All your rights specified in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Consumers and the Regulation on Distance Contracts are reserved for your secure e-commerce transactions and you can use these rights against the Seller with the notifications you make to the Seller. In addition to these rights in SeT transactions, you can use your rights defined within the scope of SeT with the notifications made via the system.